What to Do If a Guy Only Wants Sex and No Commitment? Read This Before You Do Anything Else

If you think that you are in a wonderful relationship with a guy but find disturbing signs that he is interested only in sex minus any commitment then you need to act now or forever suffer in silence.

If you do not speak now then your guy might simply move on once he gets tired of having sex with you and finds another willing and flexible partner.

Give him clear hints
Instead of suddenly stopping sex altogether and aggravating the situation, try to send out clear hints to your guy.

Talk about other couples that might have started out on a casual date and ended up together forever. You should observe his reaction to see if he understands what you are trying to tell him.

Get busy with other activities
You should start another activity or develop a new hobby that will get you out of the house for longer periods of time.

This will not only give you an excuse to avoid providing him with sex on demand but also make him miss you and understand your true worth.

Spend more quality time together
If your guy has not spent more time outside the bedroom to understand you better then take the initiative to organize a few dates.

You can book movie tickets, visit restaurants, discos and museums or engage in any activity other than sex that can help both of you to get closer mentally.

Tell him that you want to meet his family
If your guy is playing dumb while enjoying sex with you then you can shock him into reality by telling him that you want to meet his family.

He will clearly get this hint and if he truly loves you then he will sincerely take you to meet his family. However, if he keeps on delaying or runs away then he was anyway not worth your time, effort or body.

Tell him clearly
If you are not one to beat around the bush then you should clearly indicate to your guy that you are looking for commitment in the current relationship. If he truly loves you then he will certainly react in a positive manner.

Stop giving him what he wants
If your guy is in no mood to relent then you should certainly stop submitting to his sexual demands. Let him miss you and your body for a few nights to realize what a fool he has been until now. He will slowly and painfully realize your true worth.

Inform him that you will be breaking the exclusivity clause
Since your guy seems to only look at you as a sex toy, you should simply inform him that you too would like to date other guys and use them as your sex toys too.

If he truly has feelings for you then he will quickly realize that two can play the dirty game and relent to your wishes before you even look towards another guy.

These steps will put an end to the one-sided honeymoon and make your guy realize that he has to step up or get out of the relationship.

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